Awei A990BL, an excellent sport earphone that provides great stereo music sound. Most people are used to use wired headphones and if you have difficult in connecting the Awei A990BL wireless earphone with your phone. Now, this guide will teach you step by step.

Awei A990BL Wireless Bluetooth earphone connection

Step 1.
Press the power button until the LED flashes red and blue. It indicates pairing mode.
Step 2.
Activate the Bluetooth feature on your device, then use phone menus to "add”, “search" or "scan" for new Bluetooth devices.
Step 3.
Select “AWEI MUSIC" from the list of Bluetooth devices shown on your device. If device asks for a pass-code, enter four zeros (0000). You may see **** on screen. Some devices also ask to confirm connection after paring. The earbud’s LED will stop flashing red and blue once successfully paired/connected.

Now, you can enjoy the stereo music sound, make a call using your device’s keypad or voice-dialing feature and enjoy audio listening from your device. Awei A990BL will give you a wonderful music experience even during sport.