Sircam Ip camera

        With economic development, the living standards of the people rise year by year. Meanwhile, the criminals become more cunning, rampant so that theft and other criminal activities always occur. Nowadays, people are in a state of panic and gradually realize the importance of video surveillance. Home monitoring system has been gradually involved in people's life. With the Ip camera, it is unnecessary to worry about the goods be stolen in the store, the burglary when no one at home, the kids or elders stay at home alone and so on.

        With the advent of the mobile Internet, the problem that about the security of house, kids or elders has got a good solution. As long as you take out your mobile phone and open a remote monitoring APP, you can see the situation at home. You will be more relaxed when go outside.

        Although family monitoring can't avoid the criminal phenomena or accidents, it can provide you with a line of defense to frighten criminals and provide strong evidence for you later. With a remote control camera, we will be able to see all the family via the computer or mobile phone and also can talk to family face-to-face.

Sricam SP009C and Sricam SP022

        Now, Ip camera is a household necessities. If you want to use indoor for the securities of stores, kids or elder, you can install a indoor Ip camera, such as Sricam SP009C and Sricam SP022. If you want to use for the outdoor security, you can choose the Ip camera that features waterproof, such as Sricam SP008 and Sricam SP015.

Sricam SP008 and Sricam SP015

        All in all, family remote monitoring plays a very important role in family health, safety and theft prevention. It has gradually become the standard equipment for home decoration, and is  indispensable as refrigerators and air conditioners. Every one of us should protect our families.