Because of the rapid development of the economy, people lead a more and more busy life and have less and less time to take care of family. However, the rapid development of modern science and technology make it possible to remotely take care of children, old people, family pets and real-time monitoring the family.

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The application of the family monitoring system is particularly urgent. Sricam SP022, Sricam SP020 or Sricam SP012 are the popular home monitors at present. So, what are the functions that people usually pay attention to in the family monitoring system?

1. Real-time remote monitoring
Using monitoring client software, users can watch the remote monitoring video in real time through the Internet. The monitoring client software can be installed on a computer and a smart phone.

2. Remote alarm function
The camera can capture a certain range of images, and its video analysis function can send alarm information to users' mobile phones and client software in the first time. Users can use the computer or mobile phone client software to set or cancel the security management.

3. Storage image
The home monitoring system can save video through the network. In the case of giving an alarm, it can save the image continuously in the network hard disk until remove the alarm status. The users can watch the video playback at any time through the client software.

4. 2-way talk
The users can talk to the family when they go out for work or travel so that they will never miss any moment of family.

There are different home monitors with more functions. Everyone should select it according your needs. In addition, you need to pay attention to the following points:
Placement position: the location of the monitor is best to avoid the privacy area.
Blocking consciousness: blocking the camera or breaking off the network in time when not in use.

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Change the password frequently: modify the default password, change the password regularly and the password should be complex.
Home monitoring system plays an important role in security protection. Gearfocal provides IP cameras that suitable for home security use, including indoor and outdoor. Hope that the popularity of smart home monitoring system will change people's daily life.

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