Anti lost strap is designed to keep toddlers close during travel in public with crowed people. It gives toddlers independence but keeps them safe at the same time. Encouraging them to explore the environment. Environmental fabrics, comfortable and breathable. 

anti lost strap

The inner side of the bracelet has a soft sponge layer, which can let the baby feel very comfortable,it is ensured that both the parent's and the kid's skin are not hurt in any way and they remain ultra-comfortable to wear. Adjustable wrist strap: the size of bracelet can be adjusted,suitable for all kids and adults -There is a strong adhesive tape on the bracelet,which is difficult to drop off by accident.

anti lost strap

There is a link between the bracelet and the rope, 360 degree rotating easily the longest can be extended to 1.50 meters, which allows children to be flexible and safe activities.

Soft double layer Velcro for kids hands, not easy to take off by themselves.

What are the advantages of anti lost strap?

1. No more chasing across the car park, street or busy mall

2. Essential for safe travelling and airports

3. Double velcro system to prevent ’escape'

4. Super-comfortable to wear

5. Drop-prevent: When going out, parent pulls the child with the anti loss strap to prevent child from falling down.

6. There is also an important role of anti-loss belt, as an aid to toddler. With it's help, children learn to walk with less wrestling.


How to use this anti lost strap?

1. Attach the wear you play-noose to your toddler's wrist by putting their hand through the smaller strap.

2. Pull the strap tight around your toddler's wrist and make sure the velcro is pressed firmly together.

3. Attach the other end to your wrist try putting your hand through the larger strap.

4. Pull the strap tight and make sure the velcro is pressed firmly together.

Off you go!

Anti lost strap can’t help you totally prevent children lost accident happen, so parents also need to teach children some basic common senses about anti loss.

Basic common senses of anti loss

1. Keep calm: if you lost contact with your parents, don't run away, just wait in original place, parents will come back for you. Remember not to cry, to let the bad man notice you are alone.

2. Learn to ask for help: after a loss, turn to the police or security personnel ask for help.

3. Be on your guard: be ware of strangers. Don't believe in them. Don't accept anything they offer to you and , and keep distance from them.

4. Contact methods: It is important to keep in mind of the name and contact number of your parents, which will help you find your parents when you are loss.

5. Daily education: in daily life, we can use books, video, TV and other channels to carry out safe education, and tell the current situation of the baby society and some cases, so that they can be vigilant.

6. Others: As for parents ,hold children's hand tightly in crowd , and do not part with him.