Magic Inductive Truck is a new type of toy that attracts most children in recent years. Simply draw a track line on the white paper via a ordinary marker pen, the car will automatically forward according to the line. A popular toy on 2018. Best gift for you children! Your kids are sure to be amazed by the inductive truck toy!

Magic Inductive Truck

How to play with this best gift - Magic Inductive Truck?

1. Use inductive car magic pen or an ordinary dark coloured crayon or marker to draw a line on a white piece of paper.

2. Turn on switch on the button of the Magic Inductive Car.

3. Place the inductive car on top of the drawn line.

4. The car will run on the line automatically.

5. If the line finishes, the vehicle will continue in the direction followed from the previous line.

What Is The Working Principle Of A Magic Inductive Truck?

Magic inductive truck has been a popular toy for a long time. Do you know why the truck can run on the paper according to the black line?

Magic inductive truck was designed with an optical sensor which can identify a dark line drawn on the white paper.

After loading the battery, the car can perceive the black line drawn by an ordinary marker pen and follow the tracks painted on the white paper. Creating the tracks on the white paper freely as children like that will inspire children's imagination, creativity and hand eye coordination.

The truck will move with a line as long as you draw a black line on the white paper. You can enjoy the happy hours with your children only with a white paper, a pen and a magic inductive truck.

What are the models of the Magic Inductive Truck?

Material: plastic / plastic

Static model: Yes

Electricity: Yes

Power supply: Battery

Multi-function: No

DIY: no

Main Features Of Magic Inductive Truck

Material safety non-toxic

The magic inductive truck uses the high-quality environmentally friendly ABS material, safe non-toxic odor, burr-free and you can no worry to give it to your child.

Green paint, uniform color

Each car uses natural pigments, new color technology, meticulous to each texture details. It can stimulate the baby's cognition of color.

Realistic style, styles and diverse

Simulation shows the item design, realistic modeling, a variety of fun collection.

Enlightenment puzzle

In the baby's normal painting line, the magic inductive truck can develop children's spatial perception and creative ability.

Parent-child interaction

Parent can compete with your child via several magic inductive models. It is more suitable for parent-child interaction for enhancing emotion

New light sensing components

The magic inductive truck new light sensing components, better lighting and better sensing.

The are 10 different models for choosing: chisel machine, excavator, fire engine, hook-machine, jeep, minibus, racing car, rigs, suv, train. If you are finding a toy for your kid, it is a good choice.

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