As the saying goes, "when a woman looks at a bag, a man looks at his watch. Women look at the face, the man looks at the waist. " This sentence proves the meaning of watch to man! So the first step in buying a watch is to know the type of the watch. Do you know how to read it?

Usually, people will judge the type of watch by the appearance of the watch, which is actually unscientific! The watch is classified according to the machine core: mechanical watch, quartz watch, light energy watch and smart watch, and then this passage will tell you how to judge the type of watch. 

1. Mechanical Watch

Mechanical watches can be divided into manual and automatic mechanical watches, and the watches produced by megir are automatic mechanical watches.

A common mechanical watch consists of 90 to 100 parts. The energy of a mechanical watch is a curled spring clockwork, and the energy stored in the clockwork drives the watch to achieve the purpose of timing. Mechanical watch technology are exquisite (in) workmanship, easy to use.

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Mechanical watches are different from quartz watches. The second hand of mechanical watches is continue walking. The machine core can be used for a long time, and the appearance is heavier than the quartz watch (depending on the brand). Due to the mechanical watch movement is complex, move error is bigger than quartz watch (depending on the brand), the error of the day - 45 SEC/day ~ + 45 SEC/day is normal. Mechanical watch can't accumulative move error, need a period of time to debug the calibration. Although mechanical watches are more troublesome, there are large numbers of people still can't resist the mechanical textures of mechanical watches.

2. Quartz Watch

The quartz watch can be divided into three types: basic, multifunctional and chronograph. The time of the quartz watch is very accurate, the average monthly move error is within 15 seconds, and the battery life is 2~3 years.

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The core of the quartz watch is integrated circuit, the structure is much simpler than the machine core, and the assembly is very simple.

3. Light Energy Watch

Light energy watch can be converted into electric power by light energy. Removing the rechargeable battery, the light can be operated as usual. Other quartz watches stop rotating immediately after removing the rechargeable battery, which can be used to distinguish whether it is a light energy constant watch.

The light energy constant watch is made up of absorbent plate (solar cell module), quartz movement, secondary battery (battery) and so on. Because of the characteristics of the machine core, only the transmittance of the glass reaches 30% can complete the charging more effectively.

4. Smart Watch

Smart watch are very popular in these years. There are more and more people prefer a smart watch than a regular watch these days. A smart watch brings you more possibilities, sports data, calling, texting, phone notification, phone anti-lose and so on. You may find many people wear a smart watch while working out in the gym or running in the park. The smart watch helps them to record the exercise data, which does a great favor to those who want a scientific plan for their workout.

These four types of watches are more common in the market, and the best selling is the accurate quartz watch. Generally speaking, cheap quartz watch price contrast mechanical (of the same brand and model), but some quartz watch for good appearance materials (18k diamonds or precious metals), excellent appearance design and so on quartz watches will more expensive than mechanical watches. In a word, every type of watch will be loved, the key is to choose a good brand that fits you!

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