We all know that Electric Foot Callus Remover  is a very effective tool to remove the dead skin on the feet.

It is an innovative device created to smooth dry,rough and calloused skin on the feet. Unique rollers grinding spins 360 degrees,at an amazing 40 times a second, 300 degrees wide angle to gently and effectively buff away hard, jagged skin on the heels.

This Callous emover works faster and is safer than metal scrapcrs. With no blades to cut the skin, and easier to use than other methods,that require constant rubbing to achieve results.

It is rechargeable and designed to fit comfortably in your hands. Smooth, silky feet has never been easier.

Electric Foot Callus Remover

But do you know how to appropriately use?

This Callous Remover is designed for smoothing coarse skin on the feet and heels. Do not use this device anywhere else on the body.

1. Wash and clean the skin and dry fully.

Note: Do not use on broken or bleeding skin.

2. Make sure the Rollers Grinding Head is placed into the unit. See section of Changing the Rollers Grinding Head on how to remove and replace head.

3. Remove the protective cover from the unit and it is ready to use.

4. Turn on the unit by pressing the safety switch Sock, in the center of the On/Off switch, and at the same time push the switch up.

5. Gently rotate (back and forth or side to side)the callous/corn/hard skin area for 2-3 seconds.

6. Dot not press hard-gently glide the unit over desire area. 

7. The unit will stop if it is press too hard on the skin. Stop and check if you have achieved the softness you desire.

8. If not, go over the area for 2-3 more seconds and check again. Continue to use this method until the level of smoothness is obtained.
Warning:stop using if skin becomes sore or inflamed.
Warning:Do not use on skin for more than 2-3 seconds at a time

9. Turn the unit off.

10. Rinse the skin or use a wet towel to get rid of the excess dead particles.

11. To clean this Callous Remover, please see the cleaning section.

12. Keep the protective cover on your unit when it is not in use.

Electric Foot Callus Remover

Tips for charging

After many times using this Callous Remover,when the battery is low do you know how to charge?

1. Before using the appliance for the first time, or if it has not been used for quite a while, it should be charged for at least 10 hours.

2. If fully charged you can use the appliance for 30 minutes.

3. Charge the applance regularly for 10 hours but for no more
than 16 hours.

4. Switch off this device by push down the on/off switch

5. One hand hold the unit, another hand insert the DC plug
into the socket of unit.

6. Place the adaptor into the AC socket on the wall. the
charging indicator will light up to show it is on charge.