Finger Monkey Toy

What is finger monkey toy?

Finger Monkey Toy is the hottest toy after Hand Spinner. It is welcomed by most kids and even adult. Finger monkey is a cute robotic monkey which is a kind of smart touch toy.
Finger monkey is a cute interactive monkey who can cling to you fingers and react to your touch and sound like a monkey pet, but not messy as the real finger monkey pet. The finger monkey toy has dozens of different sounds, including the sound of laughing, singing, farting, burping, etc. Now, let me tell you how to get it make the different voices.

How to play with the finger monkey toy?

How to play with your finger monkey toy?

How to play with your finger monkey toy?

Blow air kisses to your monkey
When you blow an air kiss to your finger monkey, it will kiss you back!
Hang your monkey upside down
These little babies are monkeys after all, and they love nothing more than hanging by their tails. See what happens when you turn their world upside down.
Pet you monkey’s head
Give your baby monkeys some tender loving care, and they’ll soak it right up. From soft cooing sounds to happy eye blinks, you’ll see that a little love can go a long, long way.
Cradle your monkey
The baby finger monkey needs naptime. Cradle it in your hand and rock it to sleep. Your baby monkey will snore when sleeping.
Tap the finger monkey toy’s head
Finger monkey has two special sensors on its head. Tap once or twice on either side to trigger a variety of different funny reactions.
Press and hold both sensors for 2s
If you want to make your finger monkey toy fart, you can press 2 sensors at the same time. It is easier to control with your palm.
Clap once or twice
You baby monkey toy with shake its head and make sounds when you clap.
Make your baby monkey talk
The finger monkey toy can make over 40 different sounds and respond differently to different sounds or actions.

The baby finger monkey toy is recommended for kids aged 5 or older.
When the batteries grow weak, the finger monkey toy will become slow and unresponsive. Then you can replace all the batteries.