The skmei 1040 watch with luxurious appearance, sporty style, dynamic, deserves to be the fashion accessory of man. Owning a led flashlight to watch the time, alarm timer, running time, weekday and month display functions.

skmei 1040 watch manual

It will be the perfect choice for advanced man who possess a dynamic personality. The watch is made of plastic and high quality stainless steel, high water resistance, you can wear both at swimming. Not only a sports watch that shows time and date, also an easy-matching and all-matching ornament for daily wearing!

skmei 1040 watch manual

skmei 1040 watch manual

At any state ,press A key EL backlight for 3s .

In normal mode:

Press D key to display Date and month
Press C key to display Alarm time

Chronograph function

In normal display mode: press B key once, enter Chronograph mode
Press D key to Start running ;When running, If press D key again will stop running, If press C key,will stop display
running,but run at back. Press D key again , will running again. Press C key to zero

Alarm Setting

in normal display Mode, press B key twice enter into Alarm Mode and the Hours flashing, press D key to adjust the
correct hour for your Alarm.
Press C key the Minutes will flash. Press D key to adjust the correct minutes.
Press B key to exit.

Alarm & Chime ON/OFF

In normal mode hold C key then press D key to ON/OFF the Alarm function.

Time & date Setting

In normal Mode, press B key three times enter time&date setting mode and the seconds will flashing. Press D key to
Press C key the Minute will flash. Press D key to adjust the correct Minutes.
Press C key the Hours will flash. Press D key to adjust correct Hours(Pay attention: A/P/H,”A” means “AM”, “P”

means “PM”,“H” is 24 hour format)
Press C key the Date will flash. Press D key to adjust correct date
Press C key the Month will flash. Press D key to adjust correct Month
Press C key the week will flash. Press D key to adjust the correct week.
Press B key to exit.

Note when using the Skmei 1040 sports watch

Shouldn’t do:

  1. Keep watch away from anything corrosive, high temperature or strong field environment.
  2. Do not make your watch touch any solvents, cleaning agents, industrial detergents, adhesives, paints or blemishes.
  3. Wear a watch with bracelets because it is easy to create scratches or damage the watch face.

Set the timer at wet environment.

  1. Leave the watch at a temperature change suddenly.
  2. Use, press buttons or underwater settings.

Should do:

  1. Periodically clean the watch, soften the damp cloth to increase the shelf life.
  2. Replace the battery when the meter is running erratically or travel erratically because the battery leakage could cause a serious risk to your watch.
  3. Switch off the power supply for long periods of time, to activate the dedicated source preservation switch and reduce the battery consumption.