Exercise, the best way to keep fit, sometime is boring. So a sports Bluetooth earphone will be the best exercise partner for you. There are more and more sports Bluetooth earphone on the market. How do we choose a suitable sports Bluetooth earphone for ourselves?

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Let’s analyze the sports Bluetooth earphone from 4 aspects:

The battery life of sports Bluetooth earphone
The battery life of sports Bluetooth earphone will directly affect the use experiments. Lone battery life can reduce charging times in a certain time, making the Bluetooth earphone be used like a wired earphone. By contrast, a Bluetooth earphone with short battery life must be recharged frequently, especially the Bluetooth earphone which can not last for the whole day. If you forget to charge it and it has no power during sports, you will feel uncomfortable. Generally, the sports Bluetooth earphones support at least 7 to 8 hours music time.

The price of the sports Bluetooth earphone
Price is a very important factor for common users. For general needs, just choose the Bluetooth earphone that supports music playing and calling function. The price is not high. If you pursue a fitness program or make a fitness program based on your own physical condition, you can choose a sports headset with heart rate monitoring function.

The firmness of sports Bluetooth earphone
No matter running, jumping, or riding, etc. We should wear a sports earphone that not easy to fall because of violent movements. Otherwise you will be disappointed.

Simple design and comfortable wearing
If you are using the traditional wired earphone, the mobile phone, MP3 player or other devices will become your exercise burden. But a Bluetooth earphone will make you relaxed. The most important is comfort. If it is not comfortable, it will greatly affect the mood and your ears will probably feel pain after a period of exercise. Therefore, we should pay special attention to comfort when we choose Bluetooth headphones.

To sum up, whether it is a sports Bluetooth headset or other wearable equipment, we should first understand the relevant information so as not to bring a little unpleasantness to life.


Awei AK8 Bluetooth Earphones

Charging time: 2 hours
Talking time: 12 hours
Music playing time: 10 hours
Stand-by time: up to 240 hours
IPX4 waterproof
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